WOMAD Sri Lanka 2005 ::: Sri Lanka's Festival of World of Music and Drums Photos
When Chemirani Zarb Trio from Iran came on stage... Everything was different, they seems to have traveled lightly. They used a very basic instrument, the bigger side was a goat skin, the smaller side was open, when they started their drumming, thee music stated flowing in, they must have made thousands of sounds played mostly on seven beats .. some times it hearted like the wind and some times like thunder and all sounds in between.

There fingers ran across the goat skin, and edges with amazing skill producing drum melodies we had not heard before, It was just pure! and mastery of fingers ..
21st September Evening at Bishop's Collage Auditorium : Chemirani Zarb Trio
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At the end of the Show Ravi Bandu Vidyapathy said "That was a play of mastery .."

What a diversity!
The Yelemba D'Abidjan of West Africa marched on to the stage sounding their African tribal drums

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